About Lemon Bandit

We are Max and Eileen, the duo behind Lemon Bandit. We are an animation studio with illustration at heart.

It all started with a series of illustration- and animation challenges we created for each other, to grow and further develop our style. Studio Hamburger: that used to be our name for this project. We have a thing for food, apparently. A year later, Max screen printed a denim jacket, featuring one of his crazy ideas: a lemon with a mask. Lemon Bandit was born!

Interestingly, Max’s chaotic mind and Eileen’s structured manners are a great match. Eileen focuses mostly on illustration while Max’s expertise is animation. We are not scared to turn things around, though. We believe that good illustrations are the foundation of every good animation. Both eager to learn new things and never not creating, we hope to enrich the world with our ideas.